business & creative strategy
2015 - 2019

Global Citizen, 2019
· Curriculum building & creative direction
· 2-month program supporting formerly convicted talent, build new careers.

Ted Pushinsky Collection
Doomsayers Club, 2018
· Photography & creative direction
· Collection honoring the late SF-based photographer
· 35mm 3D stereoscopic photography w/ supplementary interviews

Viasat-2 Initial Markets
Viasat, 2017
· Found initial markets for the ViaSat-2
· Developed deployable satellite-wifi centers
· Proposed business models to promote organic internet growth

University Playbook
Daqri, 2015
· Corporate partnerships
· $25,000 donated to Spark SC
· Built a 56-page playbook to connect Daqri w/ university talent

White Papers:
Global Citizen  Viasat  Daqri